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92. "The second coming" // 2015-09-06



on September 6, 2015
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It's such a strange feeling to put a halt on a project in which you were working for two years practically non-stop. Last Friday, as I was finishing the final strip, I couldn't help but feel the thrill of knowing that this part is Over, just like that, with a capital 'O'; and although I know I won't let Lucas and his gang fall into oblivion, and even as I know what steps to follow from now on, the truth is that this is a closure. An end of a lifestyle, an end of a way of doing things; Of course, my eyesight was dimming and I couldn't take it anymore, but I still felt a little knot in my throat when I wrote 'Thank you for reading La Lucila Rocks!'

Anyway, I don't want to be too cheesy. Thank you so much to all who read this thing so far, thanks for all the patience to those who will stay for the book, and a very special thank you to all those who in one way or another contributed to the project. On the next weeks I will devote all my efforts to update the website of La Lucila, for those who are interested in knowing how this thing will continue please follow us on facebook and/or twitter (or visit this website occasionally if the social movement makes you itchy; you'll know the project is advancing when everything is different).

And what can you expect from La Lucila Rocks! in the future? These are some of the questions that remained unanswered:

Why did Lucas left Buenos Aires?
What happened to the cow of the first and second season?
Why should I care?
Why was Beto living in La Lucila in the first place?
What happened between Candela and Beto when she was his *ahem* maid?
What was Lola doing in the north?
Why did Lola and Lucas broke up to begin with?
What was that whole thing with Lola getting naked and shocking herself?
How was the war for the Lost Isles?
What happened to the body of Candela?
No, seriously, is Candela really dead?
Lucas is Jesus?
Will Candela Two someday be half as badass as Candela (one) was?
What's with the followers of the Mountain God? They were cooking someone!
Who is sending threats to Sebastian and what will happen with that?
Who was supposed to die on the strip titled 'The mountain and the sniper'?
Who offered a hot dog to Andrea and for what purpose?
(Yes, someone is offering a hot dog to Andrea, you'll have to look for it!)
And now that the last warlord made her stellar appearance, what happens?

All this and more will be told in a very entertaining way in the book to come (ok, except that thing about the hot dog and Andrea, that's basically a joke).

Ladies and gentlemen, the comic is over. Thank you!

tags: lucas, lola, andrea, goribot, reporters, hot dog, see you later cowboy, this is the end, la lucila rocks.
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